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Image by Tj Holowaychuk


a place of safety or refuge

an inlet providing shelter for ships or boats;

a harbour or small port

an oasis

a sanctum


Once your bodymind feels safe it can

become your very own haven.

Learning how to self-regulate

means you can feel resilient no matter what happens.


Then you are ready to build optimal 'flow' state... 

Home: Welcome

Hi, my name's Cara

We can work together to rejuvenate your bodymind from trauma, or if it has gotten stuck in a stressed state of

tension, pain, anxiety, depression, overwhelm or anger to name a few.

I use cutting edge neuroscience based practices and a whole bodied somatic approach.

IMG_9394 2.jpg

elasticity; the ability to rebound after compression.

This is what we innately do.

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haven>flow is a step by step video/audio guide that you can access daily to follow gentle, soothing, self-touch practices to self-regulate your whole bodymind system in minutes. 

The haven video collection will remind your body that it can be your own safe haven.

The daily repetition of the haven videos consolidates this safe felt sense which is required to function fully--so we can be our true selves in the world.


Once your bodymind trusts that it can self-regulate it becomes resilient; agile and responsive to changeThen, instead of listing worse-case scenarios; opportunities become your natural focus...


That's when the flow audio collection fosters growth mindset; supporting expansion and optimal flow--no matter what you do.

Each video/audio is approx 10 mins in duration; perfect to start or finish the day and even slip on at lunchtime if things get hectic!